Funding Opportunities

The Maryland Technology Internship Program

The Maryland Technology Internship Program can reimburse employers for up to 50% of an intern’s wage, up to $5,500 annually per intern ($3,000 for the first semester and $2,500 for subsequent semester).

Maryland Institute for Innovative Computing – State Agency Hiring

The Maryland Institute for Innovative Computing works to fully support state agencies in expanding their technical talent pipeline through intern recruitment, compensation, mentoring and conversion.

Intern Recruiting

Maryland is fortunate to have an excellent source of colleges and universities from which employers can recruit intern candidates.

Intern hires can be recruited through any program or platform for MTIP funding.  Preference will be given to smaller businesses and employers seeking interns to fill technical and creative roles that require science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM) skills.

We encourage employers to contact and post their intern positions with multiple institutions along with engaging in on-campus recruiting programs.  MTIP administrators are available to offer guidance to employers on recruiting best practices, as well as coaching on how to run a successful internship program.

Important note: If an employer has already selected an eligible candidate for an internship position and the intern has just started (2 weeks or less) or has not yet begun, the employer may still apply for MTIP funding.  The employer does not need to re-advertise the position but is still requested to submit the opportunity for review.

Applications for MIIC and MTIP funding are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed daily.  Agencies and organizations will receive a notice of approval or denial within 15 days of submission.

Jen Spencer Heilman, Program Director for Workforce Initiatives at or