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Apply for Funding

The Maryland Technology Internship Program can reimburse employers for up to 50% of an intern’s wage, up to $3,000 annually per intern ($1,800 for the first semester and $1,200 for subsequent semester).

Applications for MTIP funding will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed bi‐monthly. Applicants will receive a notice of approval or denial within 15 days of submission. Applications will be evaluated competitively on all eligibility criteria. MTIP funding amounts will be dependent on the availability of funds.

We are currently accepting applications for summer and fall 2021. 

Intern Recruiting

Maryland is fortunate to have an excellent source of colleges and universities from which employers can recruit intern candidates.

Intern hires can be recruited through any program or platform for MTIP funding.  Preference will be given to smaller businesses and employers seeking interns to fill technical and creative roles that require science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM) skills.

We encourage employers to contact and post their intern positions with multiple institutions along with engaging in on-campus recruiting programs.  MTIP administrators are available to offer guidance to employers on recruiting best practices, as well as coaching on how to run a successful internship program.

Important note: If an employer has already selected an eligible candidate for an internship position and the intern has just started (2 weeks or less) or has not yet begun, the employer may still apply for MTIP funding.  The employer does not need to re-advertise the position but is still requested to submit the opportunity for review.

Four Steps to Funding — At a Glance

  1. Submit your MTIP Application and Internship Position for review and approval.
    Receive notice of Pre-Approval or Denial from MTIP within 15 business days.
  2. Once you obtain pre-approval, attend a mandatory online orientation session to learn more about the reimbursement process, and best practices in recruiting and on-boarding an intern.
  3. Recruit and Confirm your Intern Hire.
    The selected candidate must complete the Intern Hire Verification Form no later than four weeks post internship start.  Please be sure to review intern eligibility details to ensure your intern hire meets the qualifications of the program.  Funding is only reserved for an employer once an application is approved and an intern hire is reported.  If MTIP funding availability changes for any reason, employers will be notified immediately.
  4. At the conclusion of the internship, the following documents must be completed for funding to be disbursed:
    1. Intern Evaluation Form, which will be sent by the MTIP administrator and completed by the intern.
    2. Intern Performance Evaluation, which will be sent by the MTIP administrator and completed by the employer.
    3. Reimbursement Request Form, which will be sent by the MTIP administrator and completed by the employer.

Reimbursement Process:

Once your intern has completed their internship with your organization the following items need to be submitted in order to receive funding:

  • An invoice on company letterhead stating the following:
    • A Docusign form filled out with W9 information
    • Your intern information (name, dates of service, rate of pay and hours worked)
    • Amount you are requesting to be reimbursed and the total gross pay in which the intern was paid
  • Payroll verification
    • Provide all pay stubs for the duration of the internship in which you are seeking reimbursement
  • Please address the invoice and documents to the below contact information:
    • Maryland Technology Internship Program – Annie Weinschenk
    • UMBC Career Center – Math/Psychology Bldg. Room 201 1000 Hilltop Cir, Baltimore, MD 21250

This will be accepted via emailed to or

When all documentation is complete, funds disbursement will be requested by MTIP administrators and processed by UMBC. Typically, a check will be issued within 60 business days after all records have been submitted successfully.

Annie Weinschenk
Assistant Director, Maryland Technology Internship Program