Recruit Interns

Intern hires can be recruited through any program or platform for MTIP funding. We encourage employers to post their intern positions on more than one platform and engage in on-campus recruiting programs to maximize recruiting efforts. 

MTIP administrators are available to offer guidance to employers on recruiting best practices, as well as coaching on how to run a successful internship program. Please email if you require any assistance. In addition, we are able to help you advertise open internships within your company via the options below.

1). MTIP Internships Job Board

  • MTIP has a webpage that we can promote positions on for you. We will automatically post your open positions here if you select “yes” to the application question “Would you like MTIP to advertise this position for you?”
  • All intern applications will be emailed to the email address provided.

2). Handshake (Job Board)

  • MTIP and UMBC use a FREE job board called Handshake. This is a one stop shop for you to advertise open positions. If you create your own account, you’ll be able to select a variety of colleges and universities to recruit from. To create your employer account click here.
  • New Employers Only- You have the option to have MTIP administrators create a Handshake profile and job posting on your behalf. However, if you go this route you will only have the option to recruit intern candidates from UMBC. Please make sure to select “yes” to the question “Would you like MTIP to advertise your position(s) on Handshake on your behalf?” in your application if you would like to pursue this option.

3). Additional Resources 

Recruiting at UMBC
Regional Intern Sites
Two-year Institutions (Associate Degrees
Four-year Institutions (Bachelor+ Degrees
Note, internship funding is available to technology-based businesses and state and local agencies offering paid internships. Preference will be given to smaller businesses and employers seeking interns to fill technical and creative roles that require science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM) skills.