Funding Limits and Terms (MTIP)

The Maryland Technology Internship Program can reimburse employers for up to 50% of an intern’s wage and up to $3,000 annually per intern ($1,800 for the first semester and $1,200 for subsequent semester).

Eligible employers are limited to a maximum of 6 awarded internships in a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).  An employer may apply for no more than two funding awards for the same intern.

Funding will be reserved for an employer once an application is approved and an intern hire is reported.  If MTIP funding availability changes for any reason, employers will be notified immediately.

NOTE: Fifty percent of MTIP funding must be allocated to technology-based businesses with 150 or fewer employees.

Reimbursement Process:
Once your intern has completed their internship with your organization the following items need to be submitted in order to receive funding:

  • Provide the last pay stub showing the total amount you paid the intern(s) in the semester
  • An invoice on company letterhead with the following information:
    • Your intern information (name(s), dates of service, rate of pay and total hours worked)
    • Total amount you are requesting to be reimbursed
    • A copy of your employer W-9
  • Address the invoice and documents to the below contact information and email or mail to:

    Jennifer Spencer Heilman- Maryland Technology Internship Program

    UMBC Career Center – Math/Psychology Bldg. Room 201

    1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250

This will be accepted via mail or scanned and emailed to