Funding Limits and Terms (MIIC- State Agencies)

The Maryland Institute for Innovative Computing can provide the following reimbursement amounts for intern hires (anything over the below amount must be covered by your agency):

Summer Session: $17 an hour * 40 hrs per week * 10 weeks = MIIC will reimburse up to $6,800 per intern

Academic Session: $17 an hour * 20 hrs per week * 15 weeks = MIIC will reimburse up to $5100 per intern

Eligible employers are limited to a maximum of 6 awarded internships in a fiscal year (June 1 to May 31st).  An employer may apply for no more than two funding awards for the same intern.

Funding will be reserved for an employer once an application is approved and an intern hire is reported.  If MIIC funding availability changes for any reason, employers will be notified immediately.

MIIC Reimbursement Process:

Once your intern has completed their internship with your agency MIIC administrators will send out instructions to receive full reimbursement. Please review below to see what you will need to provide.

  • An invoice stating the following:
    • Your intern information (name, dates of service, rate of pay and hours worked)
    • Amount you are requesting to be reimbursed and the total gross pay in which the intern was paid
    • Payroll verification
      • Provide all pay stubs for the duration of the internship in which you are seeking reimbursement
    • Rstars information for your specific agency:
          • Agency Number
          • PCA
          • Object Code
          • Transaction Code (T-Code)
          • Agency Subdivision 

Applications for MIIC funding are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed daily.  Agencies will receive a notice of approval or denial within 15 days of submission.

Questions email for more information